Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Cold = ( and a deeper realization

Our little baby is sick =(  I knew it had to happen sooner or later, but she came down with a little cold.  (Yes, I know a little cold is no huge deal, and I'll probably laugh at myself years down the road at my reaction to this little cold!).  I am thankful it's just a cold, but I feel so bad for her.  She has sounded pretty congested for a little while and then had a super gunky eye starting on Sunday.  We took her to the doctor yesterday and thankfully she doesn't have pink eye, her cold just traveled up her sinuses and caused the gunky eye. 

The only noticeable difference in her demeanor is that she just has wanted to sleep a TON.  I feel like in the past three days she's just awake to eat then wants to cuddle and go right back to sleep.  That's meant lots of cuddling and not much else!  Thankfully today she's been willing to take a couple naps in her bed so I've been able to get a few things done (including updating the blog!)...

Kinley being sick has made me realize once again how much I've changed becoming a mom.  My heart actually hurts watching her be sick!  I want so badly to take away any pain from her.  Since becoming a mom, I've also noticed that I have random fears that will pop in my mind and literally cause me soo much anxiety.  For example, once while we were on a walk we passed a ditch and I had a terrible fear of her stroller falling into the ditch...not kidding I could see the entire scenario play itself out in my head.  Or as I walk around the house with her I'll suddenly have a gigantic fear of tripping and falling.  The worst was two weekends ago when we took a quick trip to Galveston.  Our room was on the 4th floor and the hallway getting to our room was open-air...more like a balcony.  It took just about everything in me to walk down the hallway while holding her for fear that she would fall over the edge.  I was just about hugging the wall as I made it to our door.

My sweet and wise husband has reminded me and prayed with me and for me that I would stop in these moments and take my thoughts captive as it says in scripture "...and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" (2 Cor. 10:5).  I recognize that the fear I'm feeling is not from the Lord, and does not come from a place that is trusting and hoping only in the Lord.  I do trust the Lord with every single second of Kinley's life and I do believe that He alone knows the number of her days.  But I also recognize that I must struggle and strive to believe that truth again and again day in and day out!  I'm so thankful for a gracious God that understands when I lack trust!

I'm also learning how deep my love for Kinley runs and how that literally affects EVERYTHING in me!  It makes me realize in a new way how deep my Father's love is for me!  I think about wanting to take something like a small cold from my baby girl, yet Jesus sacrificed his entire LIFE for me.  Because of sin I was separated from God and had no way of having a relationship with Him.  His love is so profound that He chose to leave perfect heaven to walk on this earth, be scorned, doubted, and mocked.  And then He chose to die for me.  All so that our relationship could be mended if I would choose Him.  That is love.  I pray that the truth of that would sink deeper and deeper into my soul because I believe that the more I understand and believe God's overwhelming love for me, then more I'll desire to lose my entire life for Him!

"This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."  1 John 4:10

Kinley's first Christmas!

Like I said, I'm a bit behind...but oh well = )

Thompson Christmas 2010

We had a great LONG Christmas (Trent was able to take off 2 weeks and since I'm not working now, we had a lot more flexibility).  We went to Dallas and spent lots of quality time with Trent's family (both his mother's side and father's side ALL live in Dallas!) and then also got to see my family too!  Here's the rundown of how our Christmas went!

Thompson Christmas (Christmas #1):  Before Trent and I left town to see our extended family, we exchanged presents between the two of us.  I got Trent some clothes (workout shirt, another shirt, and pants) and he got me Toms!!  Kinley also got Trent a lovely self portrait for his office!  I'm sure next year our little family Christmas will be more involved...this time it was just exchanging presents before getting in the car to make our trek to Dallas

Christmas Eve (Christmas #2):  We spent Christmas eve with my Mother-In-Law's side of the family.  That includes:  The Thompsons (Jack, Sue, Linde, Trent and myself) and the Snyders (Allison and Glenna...Sue's sister, Ryan and his wife Olivia, and Jordan).  I'm kicking myself for not getting ANY pictures this day except for Kinley in her Christmas Tree outfit (which of course she quickly decided to have a blow out in!).  But my wonderful sister-in-law Linde did, so I stole one from her!   We did not get to see Sue's father on Christmas eve as usual, but we are looking forward to introducing Kinley to PawPaw and Marie soon...her GREAT-Grandparents!

Jordan, Ryan (with Kinley in outfit #2 post blow-out), and Olivia
Kinley got LOTS of great presents...thanks for all the books, stuffed animals and everything else!!

Christmas Day (Christmas #3):  Thompson tradition is to spend Christmas eve with Sue's side, Christmas morning with just our immediate Thompson family, and Christmas afternoon with all the here's Christmas #3.  Linde gave Kinley an adorable dress complete with bloomers, tights...the whole 9 yards, so we dressed her up pretty for Christmas day (see below).  It's quite funny going to such a fuss for a little 6 week old, I think at one point she gave me the look of "what in the world are you doing this to me for!?" but it made for great pictures!!!  We also had one of Trent's best friends Jeffrey with us Christmas day - it was such a fun treat to have him there!!

And here's some pictures of the rest of the family from the morning:

Gram and Kinley

Papa Jack with Elijah
Linde and Kinley
 Christmas Afternoon (Christmas #4):  In the afternoon, we all headed over to the Allens house (that's  Trent's cousin Leigh) for the Thompson extended family Christmas.  The Thompsons are a BIG family...Jack (my father-in-law) has 4 siblings!  Of those 5 siblings, only one lives outside of Dallas.  And of the 4 siblings that live in Dallas, only one of their kids (that would be Trent) lives outside of Dallas!  I believe I counted 30 something people at Leigh's house on Christmas...and only 5 of those are little kids.  We have a LOT of fun with the Thompsons...big yummy meal, fabulous desserts (thanks to Aunt Chris's chocolate pie!!!), fun watching the little kids open presents, a big gift exchange among the adults, and Leigh's big craft for all the ladies (sounds silly, but SO MUCH FUN!!).  Here's a sneak peak at the day's events:

One of the rare moments in the day when Kinley was awake!
I LOVE this picture!!  4 generations of Thompson  (from R to L: Me, Jack's father Pat, Jack's mother Patsy, Kinley, Jack & Trent)

One I will be framing!  Kinley with her great-grandparents
Craft time!  We made little pots of snowmen!

My final product!
Monday after Christmas (Christmas #5):   This year we celebrated Christmas with my family (The Hutchisons) in Dallas at my brother's house.  It was a treat for us with the new baby to be able to stay in Dallas!  Everyone was able to make it so that included my parents, Jim & Heather, my brother Justin, his wife Bobbie and their son Jude, and my younger sister Ashley.  This was Jude first Christmas too and since he was 11 months old at the time, he was a lot more involved in the event than Kinley who, like usual, slept through the entire thing!  I look forward to watching Jude and Kinley grow up together as they are just 10 months apart.  It's also been a blessings to talk through new mom stuff with my sister-in-law Bobbie!!  But more on that another time.  Here's some pictures from our 5th and final family Christmas!!!

All the Hutchison girls + Jude (L to R: Bobbie, Heather (Gigi) , Kinley, Me, Jude, and Ashley)
Ashley and Jude opening our Christmas present to him

Me and Jude!
Bobbie & Kinley
Jude LOVED opening presents...
...At a time!
Kinley slept in my dads arms the entire time!
I have the most HANDSOME nephew!!!
Kinley told me she'd wake up for Christmas next year!

Friday, January 14, 2011

2 Months Old!

I'm soo behind (still haven't posted about our wonderful Christmas) but that will have to wait because our little girl is 2 months old!!!

Here's a quick update and of course some pictures = )

We went to the doctor today (which meant some shots...booo, but she's doing alright).  Here's what we found out:

Height: 23 1/2 inches (90 percentile)
Weight: 11.8 pounds (75 percentile)

Kinley is much more active in her second month, she loves to smile especially right after she's eaten and when she's on her changing table.  Just in the last week she's started giving us these HUGE toothless grins.  It absolutely melts my heart.  I've yet to get a great picture of the big grin, but I do have a few of some of her smiles. 

Other things she is mezmerized by:  fans, her mirror on the playmat, Trent and I making funny faces at her and blowing in her face.  She falls asleep everytime we go in the car, and is doing pretty well with sleep too!  She did get a little more fussy in the 2nd month and doesn't like being left alone in her rocking chair, bouncy seat, or playmat (which means I don't get a lot done right now!).

Milestones in the last month: 
  • Grew out of newborn clothes & newborn diapers at 6 weeks (Christmastime)
  • First smile: 5 weeks
  • First coo's: about 6 weeks (I can't exactly remember!)
  • Big toothless grins & great eye contact: 8 weeks
  • Pushes up and looks around when she's on her stomach
  • Putting her hands in her mouth (but otherwise hasn't really "found" her hands yet)
  • Stares at objects far away (like ceiling fans or people walking in and out of the room)

All around, she's still a great baby.  It's funny, since she's our first child, I have nothing to compare her to.  So I don't know if she's super easy, rather fussy, or somewhere in the middle.  I'm happy to not have the comparison for now because just enjoying everything about her is wonderful!

Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I couldn't resist!

I can just hear it now...."MOM, why did you take a picture of me naked?!"