Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emerson is 5 months old!

5 months old!  I can't believe it!!

Emerson gets more playful and sweet spirited each day.  I don't know why but I just have this feeling she's going to be a tender-hearted little girl.  She waits and watches for us to look at her to give us a huge toothless grin.  It seriously covers her whole face.  And boy does this girl have some chub.  She is rockin' the baby rolls these days and I adore it!  Seems like her favorite thing to do is be completely naked so she can grab her toes and roll up into a little butter ball.  She has soo stolen my heart!

Milestones this month:
  • Loud voice - This girl really loves to hear herself babble.  I love listening to her experiment with her squeals =)
  • A little ticklish!  Emerson squirms when I tickle her right in her neck/collarbone.  What's funny about it though is that she likes it the first few times then she starts to fuss and isn't so entertained
  • First cold =( Both the girls got sick right after Christmas.  Thank goodness Emerson just had a cold, but it's never fun to watch your baby sick
  • First Christmas - We had a wonderful Christmas with both sides of our families.  Emerson was a champ to go all over the place and sleep randomly too.  She loved eating opening her presents!
  •  Really using her hands to grab things - My favorite is that she'll grab hold of my cheeks and smile at me. 
  • Found her feet!  And this might be her favorite thing so far!  Any time she gets a chance she just holds on to her toes for dear life.  It's pretty darn cute
Here are a few pics from the month:

Our family of 4 at the Perot Museum in Dallas (that place is amazing!)

All grins!

Meeting her Great-grandfather PawPaw (Trent's mom's dad)

Here is our girl at 5 months!

Emerson is 4 months

Emerson is 4 months!

We had such a fun month!  Fall is SUCH a fun time in my opinion and such a fun time in our family with birthdays and celebrations every month from October - January.  There is never a dull moment and I love it!  Emerson is growing so fast and she is changing.  She's gone from a cute petite little one to chubster baby with all these cute rolls!  And her personality is just so sweet.  She is rarely unhappy (really only when I'm not careful and eat some dairy or have caffeine).  She's constantly looking for an excuse to smile and giggle.  I keep trying to remind myself to slow down and pay attention...so many times I'll look at her and she's literally just waiting to get my attention so she can give me a big toothless grin and squeal.  It is the best!

--> Milestones this month:

Height: 25.5" (90th percentile)
Weight:  13lb 8oz (25-50th percentile)

- Rolled over!  She rolled over on December 17th.  I actually missed it the first 2 times, but finally caught her in the act.  She hasn't been doing it consistently since and, to be truthful, I'm perfectly happy with her still staying in one place for now.

- First Thanksgiving - We got to spend time with both sides of the family both celebrating Thanksgiving and it was a whirlwind!  We spent 4 days in Waco and 4 days in Dallas.  Emerson got to hang out with her cousins for the 2nd time and meet TONS of Trent's extended family in Thanksgiving day too.  This meant she got to meet her great-grandparents (Trent's father's parents).  I'm so thankful for sweet extended family - they love on our girls like crazy!

Very steady - Emerson holds her head up well and will even stand up if we hold her hands - she's loosing all that baby wobbliness.

More established routine - I feel like I glanced up a few weeks ago and realized that I have NO clue how often Emerson sleeps or for how long...guess that's the life of being the second kid.  Either way, I started paying attention a little and it seems like at this point she naps 3-4 times a day.  I'll feed her around 6am and she goes right back to sleep till about 8:30, then naps again in the morning for a short nap (30-45min), in the afternoon for a LONG time (1-2 hrs or longer...and sometimes at the same time as Kinley...happy dance), and finally in the early evening for a short bit (30-45min).

Lots of babbling! This girl loves to hear herself talk!  She'll be coo-ing and babbling and I've noticed that if we leave the room, she gets louder - maybe she's hunting for attention =) All over the place in her sleep - We swaddled Emerson for all her naps and nighttime with the Miracle Blanket (BEST.THING.EVER) and I find that I'll put her down with her head one direction and when I come back in she's turned completely around.  Quite a feat considering she is all bundled up! (see picture below!)   -->Loves attention from big sis - Can't say the feeling is totally mutual, but this girl just CRAVES Kinley's attention.  She watched her move around and lights up when Kinley sits with her and talks to her.  Kinley isn't bothered or annoyed with her, I just don't think Emerson can keep up with Kinley's fast pace.  Once she grows a bit, I know they'll have such a blast together.  I can't wait to watch their friendship grow!!

Here are some more pictures from the month!
Cousins hanging out at Thanksgiving
Meeting Miss Caroline (her mommy and I were in each other's weddings!)

And here are the monthly pics 
(didn't take the usual pictures...giving myself some grace)

Emerson - 3 Months Old

Emerson is 3 months!

The months are really flying by...I write this as Emerson is actually 4 1/2 months oops, now 5 1/2 months and I'm just NOW getting around to posting : /....

Milestones this month:
  • First Halloween:  This isn't really a big deal to me, we hadn't actually even planned on dressing the girls up until about 2 days before when we heard a friend was having a block party.  Thanks to my MIL giving us matching PJ's I whipped together some cat costumes (i.e. eye-liner as whiskers and DIY felt ears and we're done!!).  We went to a block party then took Kinley (along with about 15 other kids) around the block to trick or treat.  Emerson hung out in the baby carrier and was wonderful!
  • Lots and LOTS of smiling =):  We definitely turned the corner from serious, fussy, pensive baby to easy-going, smiley, happy baby!  Emerson is basically looking for an excuse to smile at this point.  I love her toothless grin!
  • Holds head up well
  • Curious - looking around
  • Drooly baby!
  • Easy to read cries.  I never once felt like I could decipher Kinley's cries at this age, but Emerson seems a tad easier to read (or maybe I'm learning a thing or two as a mom?!).  Emerson has a  distinct cry for needing time to have some freedom and lay by herself, time to cuddle/sleep, time to eat, and for when she's just plain bored.  I am loving that I can help her out a little more by knowing what she needs! 
  • First Baylor Homecoming - We took the girls up to Waco on a last minute whim (literally decided mid-day Thursday and drove to Waco that night!).  Mom and I took the girls to the ChiO breakfast, to the Homecoming Parade and actually took them to the game as well!  Emerson handled it like a champ!!
  • This was at the game...with cheering fans all around.  It didn't phase her a bit!
And here are the monthly pictures of our girl!