Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emerson - 3 Months Old

Emerson is 3 months!

The months are really flying by...I write this as Emerson is actually 4 1/2 months oops, now 5 1/2 months and I'm just NOW getting around to posting : /....

Milestones this month:
  • First Halloween:  This isn't really a big deal to me, we hadn't actually even planned on dressing the girls up until about 2 days before when we heard a friend was having a block party.  Thanks to my MIL giving us matching PJ's I whipped together some cat costumes (i.e. eye-liner as whiskers and DIY felt ears and we're done!!).  We went to a block party then took Kinley (along with about 15 other kids) around the block to trick or treat.  Emerson hung out in the baby carrier and was wonderful!
  • Lots and LOTS of smiling =):  We definitely turned the corner from serious, fussy, pensive baby to easy-going, smiley, happy baby!  Emerson is basically looking for an excuse to smile at this point.  I love her toothless grin!
  • Holds head up well
  • Curious - looking around
  • Drooly baby!
  • Easy to read cries.  I never once felt like I could decipher Kinley's cries at this age, but Emerson seems a tad easier to read (or maybe I'm learning a thing or two as a mom?!).  Emerson has a  distinct cry for needing time to have some freedom and lay by herself, time to cuddle/sleep, time to eat, and for when she's just plain bored.  I am loving that I can help her out a little more by knowing what she needs! 
  • First Baylor Homecoming - We took the girls up to Waco on a last minute whim (literally decided mid-day Thursday and drove to Waco that night!).  Mom and I took the girls to the ChiO breakfast, to the Homecoming Parade and actually took them to the game as well!  Emerson handled it like a champ!!
  • This was at the game...with cheering fans all around.  It didn't phase her a bit!
And here are the monthly pictures of our girl!

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