Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 Months Old

Wow our baby girl is 3 months old!  Here's some updates and pictures of course = )

Kinley now smiles everytime she sees us especially when she's waking up in the morning and always after she's eaten.  She's making lots of fun noises now too.  She continues to love fans and is now using her hands a lot to grab our hands when we hold them in front of her.  She's always got a fist in her mouth, but hasn't managed to just get the thumb in there...nope it's the whole fist!  She's a GREAT sleeper (is happy to lay in her bed even when she's still awake).  We still swaddle her for naps and at nighttime with the miracle blanket (that thing REALLY is a miracle!!). 

Great news, she now LOVES to sit in her swing and is content to play by herself on her mat, in her crib looking at the mobile, or in the swing.  I can run around and get lots more done now when she's awake.

Milestones in the last month:

  • Uses her hands to grab our fingers and pull them to her
  • She's started to use some different cries...I can tell hungry from sleepy from I just want your attention!
  • First full night of sleep 1/25 (but has only been repeated about 4 times since)
  • Grew out of 0-3 month clothes...our girl is getting big!  
  • Holds her head up and is pretty steady
  • Pushes up with arms straightened and will hang out there for several minutes now before screaming =)
  • Loves finding new things and giving them a BIG grin (like the fans, bright lights, her mobile) 
**With Valentine's Day I just couldn't resist taking this month's pictures in her red & white tutu...and only that!!!  

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  1. KINLEY is gorgeous, beautiful, photogenic, adorable & precious in her red and white tutu, blessed with a perfect smile & the cutest toes...i do love Kinley