Monday, May 23, 2011

6 Months Old

Hard to believe my little baby is half-a-year old!!!  (And honestly not that "little" anymore either!)

Here's a few updates in the last month:

We had a LOT of "firsts" this month!

4/22 - 1st Fever: 102.2 = (  A quick trip to the doctor and found out she just had a cold
4/24 - 1st Easter!!!  All the Thompsons came to town, Gram, Papa Jack, Aunt Linde and the dogs too!
4/27 - Cut 1st and 2nd tooth!....thinking that may explain the fever!!
4/27 - Sat up on her own!
5/13 - Started solid foods - Barley cereal
5/20 - 6 month well check...drumroll.....
Weight:  17 lbs 5 oz (75th percentile)
Height: 28 inches (95th percentile)...she's literally OFF the charts!

Kinley is at such a fun age right now!  She smiles all the time, especially at Trent and me (MELT. MY. HEART!).  She really loves toys now and puts absolutely EVERYTHING in her mouth, I mean everything.  Once she cut her teeth, we learned that this lady has a serious bit!  Not sure how to explain "no!" to her, but I'm in some serious pain when she gets a hold of my thumb = ).  Sleeping is still a challenge, but nothing unbearable!  Eating is a blast - she's a total mess, but LOVES to eat.  So far we've done barley cereal, sweet potatoes, and avocado and she loves it all!  

Here's some pics!

Her first taste of Avocados!

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