Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7 months!

Seriously....time. is. flying!

Our little lady is doing great!  Happy 7 months Kinley!

Some updates:

1)  Food - She's now eating in the morning and at night...sometimes with a little food in the middle of the day too.  Here's her menu:  barley, sweet potatoes (loves), avocados (loves), peas, green beans, apples, pears, bananas, and we're about to start butternut squash!  I'm making all her food (except I cheated and bought the pears...I never seem to pick out juicy pears for myself, so I was worried they wouldn't turn out).  Funniest thing about the food, she absolutely HATES fruits so far!  But loves her veggies.  I literally have to disquise the fruits in with veggies.  I find myself making weird meals like apples and peas mixed together, or bananas and sweet potatoes.
2)  Babbling!  Kinley says lots of bababababababa and mamamamamama....she actually cried out "Mama" when she got her 6 month shots...YEA!!!  Of course I don't think she knows what she said, but I'll let it count anyway - FIRST WORD:  MAMA!
3)  This girl is BUSY...she's rolling all over the place, wants to put everything in her mouth, loves to scream (for fun), listen to herself yell out, laugh, watch herself in the mirror, and finds GREAT pleasure in finding me and Trent.  I love watching her reaction to each of us.  Melts my heart!
4)  Swimming - Kinley loves to be in the water!  She splashes tons and doesn't care one bit when the water gets in her eyes.
5)  Reaching - She has just started to lift her hands in the air for me to pick her up.  Literally I didn't know my heart could melt anymore...but it has!
6)  Hide and Seek - We'll put a cloth over her head and she loves to pull it down and give us a HUGE grin with her 2 little teeth.
7)  Shy?? - I'm beginning to think Kinley might be shy!  When we're at home or with people she's familiar with, she talks up a storm, yells, does her screaming deal, and smiles tons!  But when we go to church or to a friends house, she's quiet as a mouse - doesn't smile as much and just watches things.  Is this a little shy personality coming out??  Who knows!
8) New obsession - balloons!  Kinley LOVES balloons.  We were over at our friends house a couple weeks ago and their boys had some balloons.  Kinley's eyes just lit up and she so badly wanted to hold on to one!  Then a few days later, we went to a one-year old birthday party for our friend Chloe.  (You can read more from her amazing mom here).  No kidding, there were 200 helium balloons on the ceiling.  I literally couldn't get Kinley to stop starring at the ceiling!  So I went and bought a pack of balloons and we've had a blast playing with them (yes, I know they are dangerous - but I'm right with her the whole time!).

Ok, enough of my rambling and writing things down before I forget them = )  PICTURES!

This is literally the face she makes the entire time we play with the balloon!
If it's possible I've fallen more in love with this little lady in the past month!

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