Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kinley is 8 months old!

Time is really really flying now.  I caught myself looking at videos from when she was first born and already missing the "newborn" stage.  Shoot me if I ever start wishing for her to grow up!

A few updates:

  • Kinley is sitting up great, and can pull herself up from lying down now.  It was weird to walk in one day at the end of her nap and find her sitting up waiting for me!
  • We started some finger foods - cheerios and bananas.  She doesn't really get them to her mouth, but loves for me to feed them to her.  She's also up to 3 meals a day and only nurses 4 times a day now (I know nobody cares but me...I'll just NEVER remember unless I write it down)
  • LOTS of babbling.  Added in "lalalala" this month
  • Kinley loves to have 2 toys (one in each hand).  She kinda freaks out when this happens and holds them up high in the air...cracks us up = )
  • She's SOOO close to crawling AND very close to cutting some more teeth.  I think it could be this week or next.
And pictures:

What is it with this tongue?!

Silly girl!

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  1. Such an adorable baby Kinley is! And, thanks for following my blog. I hope it inspires you.