Thursday, December 1, 2011

1 year old!

Wow....really?  I have a one-year-old??!!

To say this past year has flown by is the understatement of the century!  I've fallen more in love with our little Kinley Brooke every passing month!  It still amazes me on a very regular basis that our Lord and Savior would entrust Trent and I to raise Kinley.  What a privilege, honor, and serious task!  It's all beyond me, which keeps me going back to the Lord for strength, energy, trust, faith, and hope.  Guess that's how He planned it in the first place!

I'll post on Kinley's birthday later, but wanted to write down the usual developmental stuff and share some pictures as a way of reminding myself mostly!

Kinley's 12th month was a BUSY one -- with lots of trips and FIRSTS!
  • Measurements:  We went to the pediatrician for Kinley's 1-year well check and found out (ok, it was really no surprise) that we have a tall skinny gal!
Weight: 20 lb 3 oz (25-50th percentile)
Height:31 1/2 in (95th percentile!)
  • New Cousin!  My brother and sister-in-law had their second child on October 19th...Welcome to the world precious Lola Harper!  We've yet to get a good pictures of the cousins together (despite MANY efforts!)  Hope we can get a good one at Christmas!
  • First extended time away from Trent and me:  Trent and I took an anniversary trip to Chicago which I posted about here.  Kinley spent 5 days with Trent's family...I did much better than I expected being away from her, but I absolutely couldn't wait to get back to her by the end of the trip!
  • Halloween:  We're not huge Halloween fans, but it sure is fun to dress up a baby!  Thanks to an awesome loan from a friend, Kinley was a peacock for Halloween!  For whatever reason, this costume had an amazing effect on Kinley - the second we put it on her, she went into this super subdued state!  It was hilarious...I think this picture gives you somewhat of an idea of what she looked like 100% of the time that she wore it.  Chilled.out.
This one cracks me up -- so much for getting all the babies together for a cute picture -- needles to say they were ALL ready for bed!
  • Baylor Homecoming:  We made it up to Waco for Baylor homecoming this year, I couldn't wait to see how Kinley would feel about the homecoming parade.  She was enamored and didn't take her eyes off the floats!
Waiting for the next float to come by!
  • First words & Signing:  I've been showing Kinley "Baby Signing Time" videos to see if she might pick up a few signs and honestly, I thought she just wasn't interested.  Well I was wrong!  She's picked up a few signs and is loving it.  So far, she pretty much does the signs we ask her to do, but hopefully soon this will translate in her being able to tell us what she wants or needs.  Right now she'll sign All Done, More, Bye, Hi, and Eat.  She also started saying "AAAHH DAA" (all done) and BAH (bye) when she signs those two words.  So fun!
Here's our little girl at 1 year old!

Happy Birthday baby.  We love you soooo much!

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