Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Months Old!

Yes, I recognize that Kinley is now actually 5 1/2 months old, but I wanted to keep track of Kinley's growth and progress as of 5 months!

This was a busy month with our Spring Break trip!  Here's a couple highlights:

*3/16 - Standing up without assistance.  It's so cute, any time I pull her from lying down to sitting up, she straightens her legs and pops up to a standing position!

*Kinley loves to hear herself babble.  Especially when we're in the car, she'll stare out the window and make such precious noises.  Here's a little peak at her "talking" (p.s. Trent is driving, I'm in the passenger seat filming!)

*4/11 - Kinley stopped being swaddled.  Since Kinley was born, we've been using the miracle blanket...this thing is truly a miracle!!! 

(Side Note: I've avoided talking at all about sleep on the blog because isn't it one of those things you DON'T discuss?!  Especially if you have a good sleeper?  Well I'm risking doing a bad thing by talking about it...the truth is, I have had a great sleeper!  But without the miracle blanket, this little lady is giving us a run for our money, so I'll share = )

So with the miracle blanket, Kinley was a ridiculous sleeper.  Literally we'd wrap her up, give her a kiss and she'd fall asleep.  For naptimes, at nighttime, after middle of the night feedings...she was a breeze.  But in the last month there were more and more nights where Kinley would break out of the swaddle.  So we decided to quit swaddling cold turkey!  Sleep has been quite the different story since then, some great days, some days of crying, some days of crying through her whole naps, and some nights of 2 hours to get her to bed (like tonight!), lots of reading and trying different sleep-training strategies, and lots of second guessing myself.  It seems like the nap schedules are all wacky now, and whether or not she'll go down quickly at night is anyone's guess.  I've also got the hunch that she's beginning to understand what to do to get my attention (like screaming her head off).  Basically, good sleep is still a work in progress! 

Here's some pictures of Kinley at 5 months:

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