Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So excited to share....

We have finally decided on a name for our little girl!!

Emerson Leigh Thompson!

Wow!  The process of choosing a name seemed much more difficult this time than last!  I've always thought as the girl that I'd have PLENTY of names stored up in my brain and naming a child would be easy...that was until I got pregnant with Kinley and suddenly the task of naming an actual human being seemed so weighty!!!  Trent literally came up with every name we considered for our first baby and I would decline each one (such a sweet man!).  That was until he came up with Kinley and over the course of a single lunch we were convinced that was her name.  I wrote more about picking Kinley's name in my first ever blog post!  You can read about HERE.

22 weeks today!
With this baby girl, I did a little better in coming up with ideas, but it seemed so much more difficult!  We found out super early this one was a little girl (at 15 weeks 3 days!!!) and now at 22 weeks we've just decided on the name, so it's felt like an eternity.  

We had so many stipulations...I didn't want something that started with a "K" or "C" or a name ending with the "ey" sound.  I think I'll mix these little ladies up enough on my own without the help of similar sounding names!  Also, we knew that this sweet child's middle name would be "Leigh" after my mother, so I didn't want anything starting with "L" or really ending with "L" either...see what I mean, LOTS of stipulations!

Emerson - Meaning = Brave.  (I love this!!).  We first heard this name the night before our wedding actually!  My wedding coordinator is a life-long family friend and one of my parents' closest friends, anyways as we were looking over the reception location and talking last minute details, she suggested the name for our future child and it never left my mind.  

Funny enough, it hasn't been one of Trent's favorite names to say the least, but a few weeks after we found out this baby was a girl, he mentioned that the name had been growing on him (I squealed inside a little!).  We played around with so many other names, but nothing seemed to fit.  

All the while as I'd dream of our little girl, start to feel her kick, and watch my belly grow; I'd be calling her Emerson.

Yesterday morning Trent got up with Kinley and let me sleep for a bit, when they came and woke me up, he let me know what they'd been talking about.  Trent said they had decided that baby sister's name should be Emerson.  So sweet!  He said over the past few weeks as he's been thinking about our little girl, he keeps thinking of her as Emerson too!

Can you see her little foot?!
Leigh -As I mentioned early, this is my mother's middle name.  I truly could not be more excited to name our child after this amazing, Godly, humble, selfless woman.  My mom truly does everything in her life to serve others - I mean everything.  I get so proud when I talk to people that know my mom, I love hearing how their lives have been blessed and impacted by the way she's cared for them.  I sincerely pray that our Emerson Leigh will bestow the characteristics her "Gigi" has.  I pray she is humble, selfless, a gracious host, an encourager, outgoing, welcoming, delightful, and a prayer. 

We are so excited to meet our little Emerson Leigh in just 18 weeks (or so).  Wow, time is flying!!


  1. AHHHH! I cannot believe I didn't even know you were pregnant! Where have I been?!? So fun!! I have got to come down south and see you guys. Miss your face!