Saturday, September 15, 2012

Announcing...Emerson Leigh Thompson

She is here!

 Emerson Leigh Thompson
August 16, 2012
9:24 am
6 lbs 7 oz 19 inches

Hard to believe our little girl is here... and almost one month old now!  

Below is the story of her arrival...if you're not into that sorta thing, just scroll through to see some fun pictures taken by fourth photography.  (Plus a few of my you can tell the difference)

Bill Wilson of fourth photography is a great friend and talented wedding photographer, he was willing to try out newborn photography for us and did an incredible job - thanks Bill!!

Emerson's Birth Story:

Leading up to Emerson's birth, my body had been getting ready for a few weeks.  In fact when I went in for my 38 week appointment on August 15th, I was 5 1/2 cm dilated!  My doctor and nurse thought I would have a super fast delivery (my labor with Kinley only took 8 hours).  So my plan was to head to the hospital whenever the first contraction came.

38 weeks...this one I took myself on the 14th
I can't tell you how many scenarios I had played out in my head of having my baby at home or on the highway, being stuck in traffic, or going through transition while waiting for the arrival of Kinley's babysitter...

Thankfully none of those things happened, in fact my labor was actually a little longer this time!  Just goes to show you can't really plan your labors can you?!

August 15th 

Evening:  Head out for a Girls' Night to celebrate a friend's birthday (ironic that I had both of my girls the night after having a Girls' night!)

9:00ish:  Get home

10:30:  First contraction...ish. it wasn't incredibly painful like how it started with Kinley and there was absolutely no consistency...10 minutes apart, 3 minutes, 7 minutes, 15 minutes.  Some strong, some so weak I couldn't really tell when they started and stopped.  I kept thinking "I've done this before!!  Shouldn't I know if I'm in labor?"

11:00: Wake up Trent...I may be in labor??  We time them together, call the sitter to tell her we may call back and finally decide to watch some TV.  (seriously thankful for friends that don't mind us calling close to midnight to say - we might need your help!)

12:00 (midnight):  Together we decide that since we can't figure out if it's the real thing, then it must not be.  Text the sitter, and head to bed...uughhh

But of course I can't fall asleep!!

12:30:  Have a couple "oh wow, that one hurt" contractions and wake up Trent again.

1:00:  Finally bite the bullet and tell Trent to call sitter AGAIN and ask her to come...we are going to the hospital!

1:20-2:00:  Sitter arrives, head to the hospital, get checked in, and find out I'm 6 cm (I was perplexed...thinking surely I'd be further than that)

1st best surprise:  A very good friend of mine is a L&D nurse.  I'd asked, and she was willing to be there for our delivery if it worked out with her schedule, getting things shifted around at the hospital etc. - Well, she was actually working that night!!!  She met me at the check-in desk and took care of us for the rest of the night! 

I get a little fuzzy from here on out....

3:00ish:  Epidural that thing :). Still 6-6 1/2.  See the on-call doctor (Dr. Yium - whom I now LOVE!), she says she'll come back in a couple hours to check on me

3-7:00:  Rest, wait, wait some more, my mom arrives from Waco (yay!!!).  Everyone expects Emerson to be here by 7 but nada.  Trent's parents arrive somewhere in there too.  I think the doctor came somewhere around 7:00am and I'm just about 7 cm.!!

7:30ish:  Doctor breaks my water, comes back a little later and starts pitocin.

8:30ish:  Doctor ups the pitocin and contractions start coming on top of each other -- here we go!  Start feeling like I've GOT to push.

9:00ish:  I get the 2nd best surprise of the day!  I knew at this point that my doctor (Dr. Nash) who I really really love wouldn't be delivering Emerson since she was off that day.  The nurses ask me if I think I can wait for 10 minutes to push because Dr. Nash is actually on her way in.  She moved some mountains to be there and I'll forever be grateful.

9:20:  Dr. Nash arrives.  Yay!  Next contraction she says we'll push.

9:24:  One contraction, 4 pushes, Emerson is here!  (soooo different than pushing for 2 hours with Kinley!)

There is just nothing like that first cry. 


I laughed and cried and laughed more.  

Top 3 moments of my life...

Walking down the isle to meet my soon-to-be husband

 Kinley's first cry

and now Emerson's

Thank you Lord for these incredible gifts! 

Here are a few more pics from the day
Dr. Nash and Emerson right after she was born
Mary - our friend and L&D Nurse!!  You were amazing!!!


  1. Amanda! This was so sweet! And can I just say... in that last picture you look AMAZING! you do NOT look like you just gave birth! :)

  2. Oh such a sweet post. Loved reading it! Love you!

  3. Aww glad you posted! You look great for delivering a baby and NO sleep! Can't wait to meet her!