Sunday, November 28, 2010

Announcing Kinley Brooke Thompson!

Kinley Brooke Thompson
November 13, 2010
8 lbs 19.5 in.
10:41 am

In the last 2 weeks, Trent and I have totally fallen in love (actually that happened in the first 5 minutes!).  Kinley is wonderful in every way = ).  She's absolutely beautiful, her most pronounced features are her button nose, adorable full lips, and full head of dark hair!!  She also has awesome calf muscles that match Trent's - I love it!  She has an incredible temperament...she loves to sleep and when she's awake, she loves to look around at all the lights.

Here are some pictures from her first few days:

Our First Family Photo!
Minutes old

Kinley was wide awake when she was born!

Here are some more close-ups of our precious baby girl!

I love these lips!!

We were so glad everyone came to visit!
Gram and Papa Jack (Trent's Parents)

Gigi & JPops (My parents)

Linde with Trent and Kinley
Justin, Bobbie & Kinley
Ashley and Kinley
Bobbie and Kinley
Celebrating with friends and family in the Labor and Delivery room, about 30 minutes after Kinley was born!  One of my very favorite memories of the entire experience!!
Kinley was born the same day that the Aggies played the Bears.   Naturally Kinley was torn for who she should root for!

Getting ready to go home...yes, she's wearing the aggie booties in honor of their win.  Maybe next year bears = )

Lord thank you for blessing us so greatly with this little girl.  Please guide us as parents and protect Kinley.  We pray that someday she will choose you as her Saviour!!


  1. I love the pictures! Can't wait to meet her in person! Don't forget to send me the care calendar info.

  2. BEST BLOG POST EVER!! I especially love the socks from the two schools!!

  3. Well, Kinley is, of course, gorgeous. Not that I'm impartial, mind you...

  4. awwwhhh these are so precious amanda and trent!!! i love her sooo much!!!! shes soo perfect!!

  5. I love her!! What a precious gift! Could not be more thrilled for y'all!!

  6. Kinley is so kissably perfect ... What an incredible
    blessing. I love you ! GiGi

  7. She is the cutest little thing! Enjoy these days when she is so little bc it FLIES by!! Congrats!