Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kinley's Room

Finished!  We've finished Kinley's room thanks to my husband, sweet friends that helped us paint, my mother-in-law that made a beautiful pillow and curtains, and my mother and our family friend Vickie who came and helped me pull together all the final pieces.  Here's some pics of her nursery!!

This is the view from the door of her room.

And a closer look at her crib (all the clothes are waiting to go in her chest of drawers which hasn't arrived yet)

From the crib, if you rotate counter-clockwise, this what you see.  We got this antique dresser from Round Top - a HUGE antique show that happens twice a year in Round Top Texas.  This dresser has quite a story...more on that later, but needless to say it's a VERY sturdy piece!
 Keep rotating to the left and this is one of my favorite parts of the room!  Everything in this corner has a story...the window frame on the left (and artwork) is on loan from my great friend and TALENTED artist Kristin Cowden (my old boss!).  I love how antique this piece looks as well!  The glider I completely copied from my sister-in-law who has the exact same one.  Vickie pulled the table from another room in our house and we found the lamp at Home Designs.  The shelf my mom painted...I think I purchase it in college, it used to be cherry wood.  We also found the picture frames and hooks at Hobby Lobby and I painted the "K" - I felt very crafty!!  I love how it goes along with the paisley designs in the room = ).  Finally the pillow was hand made by my very talented mother-in-law.  Thank you Sue!!

Here's a close up of the's super comfy!

And a close up of the shelf...

If you keep rotating to the left, this is where the chest of drawers will go once it arrives!  The mirror and pillow are going to sit on top of it.  This pillow was a gift from one of my high school girls and her mother.  It's also a great find from Round Top!

And this is a picture of Kinley's closet.  Trent installed shelves so we'd have a more functional space to work with and Linde, my sister-in-law helped me organize, wash, and hang the clothes!

That's it!  We're so excited to welcome our little girl into the world!!!


  1. Amanda, this is so adorable! It is so exciting to have everything prepared...I remember just sitting in Noah's completed nursery before he was born dreaming of what was to come! Enjoy the last days of your pregnancy and rest as much as possible. I've heard there is nothing like your first! I'll be praying for your L&D.

  2. I love this! So happy I found your blog. Can't wait to follow and see miss Kinley grow up.

  3. I'm so excited you started a blog! And I'm so glad I found I can appropriately stalk you from across the country! And next time I come to Texas I want to sit in your little glider chair looks so wonderful! Love you

  4. Wow, everything is just beautiful. You guys are going to love being parents. It is the most rewarding job, on the earth. Good luck, and God Bless!!!!!

  5. So so happy for Kinley! She is going to grow up in a little princess room :)! Love it!

  6. Sooo cute! I love all those finishing touches.