Wednesday, November 10, 2010

False Labor?

Warning - this post may be a little boring - but I wanted to write it down so I could remember everything later!

I woke up last night at 1:00am with a new sensation...I've had braxton hicks contractions for a couple of months - which I can only describe as my stomach turning into a ROCK.  No pressure or pain with it, just a very tight stomach. 

Last night there was significantly more pressure and sometimes pain, so I'm wondering if this is a real contraction??  I looked at the clock and it was 1:02am.  Then another one came along at 1:08 and 1:14 and 1:19 and 1:23 and 1:28.  I figured I should wake up Trent at this point since it had been almost 30 minutes of the same thing...nothing unbearable, but consistent and different than before. 

We watched the clock as contractions continued for a few more hours - every 3-8 minutes apart...all lasting about 60 seconds, but never getting stronger or more consistent.  At about 4:00am we decided to try and go back to sleep - I think Trent was snoring in 5 seconds, but it took me till 4:30 to fall back asleep. 

But then I did - I fell back asleep for an hour and I'm thinking how could I possibly fall asleep if I'm really in labor?  I woke back up at 5:30 and had several more, but again inconsistent.  I think I got about 30 more minutes of sleep for the whole night...frustrating!

When we got up this morning we decided to go for a walk to see if that would change anything - and sure enough the contractions began again!  Every 3-4 minutes all about 45 seconds to a minute long, but these were less pressure and I could talk through every one of them.  It was hard to not get excited at this point because I kept thinking that it wasn't like what I'd felt before (braxton hicks), but also didn't seem as intense as it should be to be real labor! 

Well the second we got home and I sat more contractions.  Everything just stopped.  Maybe this is the beginning - maybe Kinley will make her arrival in the next couple of days (we're praying for that and would love for you to join us!).  But I guess in the end I just have to trust the Lord and His timing for this little girl. 

Now I'm gonna take a nap = )


  1. Hey girl! In my experience I started contractions 1 minute apart from the get go. And they were excruciating! Kinley is just getting ready! Good luck with labor~I hope it is 'easy' for you!

  2. Just found your blog! Can't wait for Kinley to be here! Her nursery is adorable:)