Friday, September 16, 2011

10 Months Old!

Ok seriously, this last month flew by...and I'm starting to realize Kinley is going to be a year old so soon!  Here are a few updates from the last month:

  • Loves attention: I think Kinley is starting to figure out that if she does certain things - people will respond.  Last Sunday after church she started making this face and going to anyone (and I mean ANYONE) that was nearby!

  • 1 More tooth!: Kinley has 6 teeth now. And she LOVES to show them off =).  Kinley has the biggest grin and shows all her teeth when she smiles!
  • Understands "eat":  I've been doing a little bit of sign language with Kinley and I think she's starting to understand some things...most of the time she just stares at me with a peculiar look, but the second I ask her if she wants to eat, her eyes light up!  A girl after my heart!!
  • Standing up:  Several times now I've caught Kinley standing up without any support.  I'm SOO curious if she'll be an early walker!  This isn't the best picture, but you can see what I mean:
  • "No":  Kinley not only understands when we say no (and for the most part obeys right now!) but she's figured out how to communicate no by shaking her head from side-to-side.  She does this a lot when she doesn't want any more vegetables and when she sees we're trying to take her to bed.
  • Kisses: My baby girls LOVES to give kisses!  Mostly to all her stuffed animals, but she'll give us kisses too.  The funny part is that she's very picky about when she WANTS to give you a kiss...if she's not in the mood, she'll wrinkle up her nose and shake her head "no" with a big silly grin on her face.
  • Memory: I'm starting to see Kinley remember things!  For example, one day I had a headband on and Kinley thought it was so much fun to play with.  All day, she kept looking on top of my head for the headband.  The next morning when she woke up, she grabbed my face and pulled my head down to look for the headband again!  Even 2 mornings later, she was still looking for the headband.  So funny =)
Here are some pics!

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    1. OH THIS IS SO SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL............I love this little lady !
      I love her hugs and kisses and big toothy smiles....and the way she lights up a room. She has brought such JOY to my our lives ! She is truly the happiest child.....a total blessing..
      I love you Miss Kinley !