Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday Dinner - Goulash

So when I was getting married my mother-in-law did me the BIGGEST favor.  She gave me a recipe book full of recipes that Trent grew up on!  I love my MIL for many reasons, one of them being she's very frugal and has taught me many tricks!

This recipe is straight from her and we love it around here!

The Ingredients

(I modified my quantities because I only had 1/2 lb of ground beef left, but I'm listing the full quantities below)
  • 1 lb Ground Beef
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • Ketchup - enough to cover the meat
  • Macaroni noodles (I think the actual name is elbow pasta, but who really calls it that?!)
First things first, brown the meat and drain off the fat

Then add in the ketchup and chili powder

On low heat mix these two ingredients in well

In another pot, boil the macaroni noodles - I used less than half a bag and it was too much for the amount of meat I had...so you just kind of have to "eye" it.  Once they are ready, drain off the water and add them to your skillet that already has the meat/ketchup/chili powder.

Here's what it looks like all mixed together.  The great part is, if you want some more spice you can add it in at the end, or if it's too dry you can add more ketchup here too.  

My dinner!  I warmed up some peas to go on the side.  I used to HATE peas as a kid, but they are soo good and sweet!

Enjoy a simple and quick meal with this one!

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