Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend food Update! Friday and Saturday meals

I took a little hiatus from blogging this here's an update on what we ate = )

Friday - Breakfast Tacos

This was yummy and easy (and probably doesn't need explaining)  Just scrambled up some eggs with a bit of bell peppers, tiny bit of onion, and some cheese.  Great for a quick meal and who doesn't love BFD...breakfast for dinner =)  I planned on having black beans on the side for this meal...but it's always a good idea to WATCH what your cooking - rather than letting the water boil off and burning your beans (leaving you with a smelly kitchen!)  Oh well!

The Ingredients

Yummy bell peppers!  (I only used about a 6th of each pepper)

8 eggs - this made enough for 9 good size tacos, I'll probably do a little less next time!

Just a little chopped onion for flavor

Scramble the eggs before adding them to the pan (I didn't put a picture of it, but before I added the eggs, I got the bell peppers and onion cooked most of the way)

Just a touch of milk

And cheese - this make them super yummy (not as healthy, but definitely yummy!)

Final product!
Next time I'll try NOT to burn the black beans!  I might add in potato too.  This is a great recipe you can totally play with and change it up depending on what you have in the fridge!


Saturday Meal - Frank and Bean Soup (modified)

So I'll be honest, I've been dreading this meal all week.  It just sounded kind of gross, and hot (more like a winter meal).  With it being 105 degrees outside, I was pretty sure I picked the EXACT wrong meal to cook!  But I was pleasantly surprised!  Instead of serving it as a soup, I decided to drain off most the liquid and serve it over rice.  The full instructions are here, but I'll walk you through it as well!
 The Ingredients

Slice the turkey dogs up into 1/2 inch pieces...I used 5 hotdogs instead of 6 and it worked fine

Basically you just dump all your ingredients in a big pot!  Here's I've got the turkey dogs, black bean and salsa so far

The recipe calls for a can of corn, but this week it was cheaper to buy fresh corn than to purchase a can - I LOVE fresh crisp corn, so I just cut it off the cob myself!  

...and after!

One ear of corn yielded a little over a cup in case you were curious

Everything in the pot, except the chicken broth.  Yep - definitely went to grab my chicken stock (which had been in the fridge for months but still wasn't "expired" according to the date on the box) and it was definitely expired.

So I had to run to the store and get some new chicken stock.  It was cheapest to buy these 2 cans to get me to 3 cups.  Nothing more frustrating than realizing in the midst of cooking a meal that you don't have everything you need!  

Once all the ingredients are in the pot, just bring it to a boil then turn the temp down to medium low and simmer for 15 minutes.

This couldn't be a more simple meal, without my last minute grocery run it would have taken 20 minutes tops to prepare from start to finish!  Like I mentioned earlier, I served this over rice and just drained off most of the soup part. 

The final product. 

We definitely ate dinner at about 8:45 on Saturday night (hence the dark lighting in the picture!)  But our bellies were very satisfied with this little meal!  Enjoy!

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