Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spaghetti and Green Beans...and a thought to consider

Be forewarned - I wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote this trying to get my real thoughts out...hopefully you'll understand!

Tonight I cooked a very simple meal - Spaghetti and green beans.  Really, there is no step-by-step needed but I took a few pics anyway.

The ingredients (do I look like an add for H-E-B or what?!)

In process...

Final product!

I really really enjoyed my spaghetti...just a simple meal but something felt different.  I decided to brown some ground beef to add to the spaghetti sauce I purchased which was nothing different from what I usually do. 

But tonight I was thankful for that meat.  

I'm learning that eating cheaply means eating things I might not dogs, rice and beans...but it also means I might not have the satisfaction of a super full belly.

Wow - feeling super middle-class priviledged as I write this.  Might it actually be a good thing for me to experience "want" in a way I haven't felt before?!

Most weeks I just take for granted that I'll plan our week's meals without stopping to be grateful that I can purchase meat or fresh veggies or fruit.  That I've been given the resources to purchase any food at all!  A simple thought maybe - but for me, tonight it hit me in a new and profound way.

Lord Jesus, thank you thank you for your provision for us today.  Thank you for opening my eyes to see your good gifts, even in the small things.  Thank you that I can always trust that you will provide.

You are trustworthy, You are good.

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